U.S.: ACN Focuses on the Future

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10.13.2011 Independent Business Owner News
ACN Focuses on the Future

At ACN we’re always evolving our products and services to ensure we’re
meeting the needs of today’s consumers… and today’s consumers want value!
We’ve seen this with the growth in our ACN Digital Phone Service and the
shift toward unlimited plans with our ACN Local and Long Distance service.

In order to provide our customers with the best technology and value we’re
making some changes to our current service offerings:

· Long Distance service will now be offered exclusively as part of our Local
and Long Distance service bundle. It will no longer be available as a standalone option.

· ACN Local and Long Distance service will continue to be offered in AT&T,
Qwest and Verizon markets. Embarq territories of Florida and Nevada will no longer
be offered, however, customers in these states can sign up for Digital Phone Service.
All current customers will continue to be supported.

· As we continue to enhance our emphasis on flagship ACN Digital Phone Service
product, we will now align our Internet service offering to solely focus on the
Broadband services required to support ACN Digital Phone Service and no longer
offer Dial Up Internet.

These changes will have no impact on IBO’s compensation or points and will go
into effect November 1, 2011, and will allow us to focus 100% of our efforts
on the technologies our customers want – and the technologies that will move
us forward as a company.

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